The Cloudbased Browser - An Interview with Scott Petry, CEO of Authentic8

Interview with Scott Petry, CEO of Authentic8:

Cyber Security Dispatch:

Show Notes:
On today’s episode we are joined by Scott Petry, the CEO and cofounder of Authentic8 and Founder of Postini. Scott Petry’s work on Postini is quite impactful since the company became associated with Google eight years after it was created. In this episode we talk about silo and Authentic8’s goals of ensuring customer privacy. We also discuss how some companies use complex and technical words to deceive customers into buying products that they are told will “cure-all”. As Scott disagrees with this mentality, he seeks to keep the idea of silo simple to say even to non-technical people and simple to explain. Finally in line with this, Scott advises to many people seeking cyber security that they stick to the basics.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Scott’s explaination Authentic8’s “silo”
  • The concept of security in isolation
  • Insuring customer privacy rights and their knowledge of those rights
  • Postini and it’s role leading to Authentic8
  • Customer interaction in simplicity of product
  • Traps of complex naming schemes and cure-alls
  • To what extent do fancy threats take priority in companies over the basics?
  • A call to approach security by going back to basics
  • Scott’s favorite new ideas in IT
  • And much more!

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Welcome to another addition of cyber security dispatch. This is your host Andy Anderson. In this episode “The Cloudbased Browser” we talk with Scott Petry, CEO of Authentic8, John is now on his 2nd security startup, and has a disarmingly clear eyed view of the security market these days. With all the complexity the current security landscape Authentic8 sells a refreshingly simple solution. A browser that runs on virtual machines in Authentic8’s cloud infrastructure rather than a customer’s network or devices. This vastly reduces the potential for both attack and surveillance. Simple but really effective. Now on to Scott.

EditorAndy Anderson