Treat the Disease - An Interview with Jason Brvenik CTO of NSS Labs

Interview with Jason Brvenik, CTO OF NSS labs:

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Show Notes:
On today’s episode we welcome Jason Brvenik the Chief Technology Officer of NSS Labs. He has spent 20 years in practicing a wide variety attributes within cybersecurity and has played a major role in his previous company, Sourcefire. We talk about a central development from NSS, EDR: Endpoint Detection and Response, and perspectives from a business related cybersecurity company. Jason explains the two engagement styles that NSS offer businesses: the group test style and the direct style. We also discuss how previous topics, such as resilience and layered defense, relate to NSS’s services, and why its service is not often found in combination with such forms of defense. Finally, Jason talk about the nature of safety in short and long term, and how system security is not tangible to the customers, which can lead to difficulties. Jason provides great insight into cybersecurity topics from a business perspective while also being personally aware of all the technicalities of the field.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jason Brvenik’s work at NSS and NSS’s goals
  • Machine Learning as a prospect for cyber security
  • NSS’s two safety check styles
  • Pricing and balance of their products
  • Adaptation oriented systems beneath standard defense systems
  • Shortcomings of layered defense, resilience, deception, and dynamism
  • How and why to create a safe system
  • Advice for businesses regarding security systems
  • Unsafe systems
  • And much more!

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Welcome to another edition of Cyber Security Dispatch. This is your host Andy Anderson. In this episode, Treat the Disease, we talk with Jason Brvenik the CTO of NSS. He shares his opinion on security tactics we’ve discussed previously and NSS’s dual basic and reactive type defense.

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